Special Offers & Points

About Special Offers and Points

Sales and Special Offers

Because we love you so much, we often run sales and promotions on the Nanoleaf Shop =) But, it's not possible to combine discounts and offers... we have to pay for the parts and people that go into making these special products and getting them to your doorstep. Sorry!

Single Use Discount Codes

Sometimes you'll get a single use discount code for a purchase on the Nanoleaf Shop, usually because you've been super nice to us =) you lucky duck! But, same deal... it's not possible to combine this code with another promotion or offer on the Nanoleaf Shop that uses a discount code.

Nanoleaf Perks Program—Using Points

Points are redeemed with a discount code that's generated especially for you when you activate a perk. Because it's a discount code, it can't be combined with any other discount code or offer. Sorry!