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Excellent customer care support

Great experience. Actually replaced a faulty controller under guarantee. All the procedure completed via chat. Excellent service and feedback. Really appreciated the support.

Einfach super

Habe mit flexiblen Verbindungskabel und den Lines zusammen verarbeitet

Thread Enabled Controller for Nanoleaf Shapes
Stefan Brömme (Schoenebeck, DE)
Easy and good service

Ordering was simple, delivering was fast and easy.
Thanks for the quick help and solution about the trouble.

Nanoleaf Lines Starter Kit (15 Pack)
Berk Akbulut (Nuremberg, DE)
Looking amazing

Very quality, stylish and beautiful product.

Great design

What a great design and perfectly working. I just can recommend it.

Nanoleaf - There’s No Alternative

Love it, good customer service on top.

Thread Enabled Controller for Nanoleaf Shapes
Heiko S (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Everything is ok

Just a little long shipping time.

Thread Enabled Controller for Nanoleaf Shapes
Yvonne Höpfner (Hamburg, DE)
best and friendliest support ever!!!

Very Nice and friendly guys, offer help in every time.
we got a spare part and everything works perfect again. 👌🏻thanks a lot!!!

Absolutely creative freedom with these!

I cannot fathom how much I’ve waited to get my hands on these. Literally saved up and bought around 32 lights. I also got the 75W plug that will allow me to use all the lights. But the 25 pack comes with absolutely packaged care quality. And it’s neatly organized and compact so that you can easily unpack the entire box. . The instructions are very straight forward. I wish I could paste a picture of my finished project on here. And when you set up the design of your dreams via the app, the visual camera helps immensely so you can see how space you have. Plus being able to connect the shapes with the corner and flex cables absolutely makes this one of the best products to date in home decor. I might just end up filling my entire room with these.

Be careful though with the connectors. You don’t want to overexert force into placing them behind the plate. They will break and you’ll be SOL. The sticker mounts are very, VERY sticky so carefully place them on the wall and make sure you use a reference line on your wall so you can only use one sticker and not 3 like I did. However they were easy to pull off. Remember: pull vertically and not horizontally or toward you.

Lastly, the absolute creative freedom I get from this has me wanting to create walls of art during my free time. So many tiles, so many possibilities. I can say with certainty that one that is willing to use artistic expression in this, will undoubtedly find comfort in finding new ways to continue expanding on that passion.

Nanoleaf Essentials | A60/B22 Bulb
Tom Kowalczuk (Toronto, CA)
Great product

I’m using it with an HomePod Mini and it works very well the colors looks great and great build quality. Really recommend!

Thread Enabled Controller for Nanoleaf Shapes
Joel Braun Sánchez (Speyer, DE)
Nanoleaf Controller

Verry fast delivery👍

Nanoleaf Essentials | Bulb
Talal ur rehman (Santa Clara, US)
They are great

with the price and without the hub they are great. love those bulbs

Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit
Anthony (Irvine, US)

I just ordered more of these because they're great!

Nanoleaf Canvas Expansion Pack (4pc)
Beauseph (Brooklyn, US)
wonderful addition!

i love ❤️ these things. especially the added touch feature to program other devices. keep it coming!

Nanoleaf Elements | Wood Look Hexagon Starter Kit
Rafa C.G. (Castelló de la Plana, ES)

Good looking. I wasn’t sure it will get stuck in the wall without any problem but there they are looking gorgeous.

Works Perfectly

The Flex Linkers are great for corners.

Good support

Nanoleaf Essentials | Lightstrips
Archer (Hemel Hempstead, GB)
Great service.

This is my fourth NanoLeaf tech purchase. I have two bulbs and two strip lights essentials.
My most recent purchase was an essential light strip extender which I bought from the app with Apple Pay and the service couldn’t have been smoother.
And the best thing was I could use my base model switch set that had a faulty connector which has been replaced. The switch box was still working and could use for the extender kit. Great company, great products and my living room is lovely at night.
Seriously great service & support.

Replacement PSU

As I had to move to another appartement the guy who was helping me move broke the original one. Not that fun. Luckily I could get hold of replacement PSU. Only minus is the price of additional modules but they look great.

Rigid Linkers for Nanoleaf Light Panels
Nikolai Jungsin (Bollnaes, SE)
Rigid Linkers

The basic stuff you need to connect. Needed a bunch more and I was lucky to get hold of some as I have the older version.

Nanoleaf Essentials | Bulbs 3-PK
Tyler (Fort George Meade, US)
Sick Bulb

This bulb is pretty lit, no cap.

Helped with corner of wall

Helped me install light panels on inside corner of a wall. I really like the look.

Mount light panels

I used the kit to mount light panels in the corner of a room. I feel like the kit looks slightly better than command strips since the little tab sticks out. I feel like some instructions would have been nice but I managed to find a YouTube video of someone demonstrating how to cut them.

Nanoleaf Shapes | Expansion Packs
Emma S. (Geelong, AU)
Looks great

Great addition to the starter pack, absolutely loving these

Love it!

Easy to set up, looks so good and so much fun to play around with. Great addition to my room.



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