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Nanoleaf Remote

Product Overview

Our 12-sided smart home remote that works with Nanoleaf products and Apple HomeKit certified devices.

What's in the Box?

  • [1] Nanoleaf Remote
  • [2] AA NiMH Batteries
  • [1] Quick Start Guide
Learn more about the Nanoleaf Remote at Compatible with Nanoleaf Light Panels, Nanoleaf Canvas, and Nanoleaf Shapes.

Customer Reviews

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Replacement remote

Customer service actually sent me this remote to replace the one I purchased last year that ended up breaking in an odd place (the battery cover inside). Anyways, this new remote feels better to me. More sturdy construction, thicker plastic it feels like when trying to open and close. I’m very satisfied. Only issue I see is programming each side. I like the fact you can control multiple Homekit accessories and scenes with it, however don’t even try to attempt it! Programming in Homekit is oddly unreliable. It says each side is assigned the right accessories and scenes but when you try to use it, they’re way off. Some scenes I have no clue what or where they came from cuz it’s not my Homekit. Keep programming simple and only do it in the Nanoleaf app. I am starting to get the feeling there’s some sort of misconnection between the 2 apps similar to how the Hue app always messes things up.


The order was shipped out quicker than last time but still took a bit longer than I expected to arrive. Anyway, it was great helping me to complete my design beautifully.

Fun HomeKit Remote

I'm really enjoying the remote so far. I've had it for under a week and my batteries are at 94%. For as much as I've been messing with it, that works for me. Plus it's only 2 AA's, so it's not terrible to replace them. It works really well with my Nanoleaf Essentials bulbs and I'm glad I picked one up. I don't have any info on this, but I'm hoping it can support Thread.

Great convo starter!

This is such a cool controller and so unique. I wish I could use this to turn on other lights in my house. Does this work with the Nanoleaf bulbs?

NanoLeaf must have

I just got this baby and I’m looking forward to what it can do for me. I’m already in love with how easy it was to set up and connect and now I’m messing with my lights

Customer Reviews

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