Nanoleaf One

Meet the Nanoleaf One

The world's most energy efficient light bulb.

Get one today and start saving!

Less electricity for a lot more light

The Nanoleaf One generates up to 100% more lumens per watt than the typical LED bulb. It's the world's most energy efficient lightbulb. It literally pays for itself.

Sustainability has never looked so good

We threw out conventional ideas of a lightbulb and redesigned it to be more energy efficient and highly durable.

No more waiting for bulbs to cool off. The innovative shape ensures that the bulb never gets too hot so that changing bulbs has never been easier.

Perfect for at home or work

The Nanoleaf One is easily compatible with all sockets both at work and at home and provides a nice warm light whether you're finishing that last report or reading a satisfying book after a long day.

Designed with our planet in mind

Saving electricity goes beyond just lowering our monthly bill, it's our responsibility to future generations and our planet.