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Nanoleaf Light Panels | Rhythm Edition

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Nanoleaf Light Panels | Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit (9 Panels)

The Smarter Kit includes everything you need to get started and the Rhythm Upgrade module! Add up to 30 panels to this WiFi smart lighting product and bathe any room in gorgeous, colorful light. Operate with the free Nanoleaf Smarter Series App or the Home App in iOS10+. And if you don't want to use your phone as a lightswitch, you can access basic functions from the controller buttons or with Siri, Google Home / Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Works with iOS8 or later (HomeKit), Android 5 or later and Google Assistant, Apple Home App, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT. Includes everything you need to get started.

Customer Reviews

Based on 828 reviews

I recently bought this item and it just arrived and I۪m loving It already. Everything was neatly packed into the box and it was easy to put together. I think the Colors are amazing, and being able to control it with my phone is incredible. An overall great product

Absolutely incredible

I cannot get enough of these lights! I bought 12 pieces to start with. They are way more vibrant than I would have ever thought! I change the lights and change the mood, often kept on Nemo as an everyday light.

Reviewing the 3 piece add on

The 9 piece is great but if you want even more control over how to shape your NanoLeaf I think the 3 piece is a must!

The Only Lights You Will Need

I wake up every morning to the Vibrant Sunrise theme. Helps me get going on those tough mornings.

The customization with the the themes are amazing. Love playing around with it. Easy to use (app can be frustrating at times but the Nanoleaf team is all over it), the panels are super straight forward, and future accessories are looking amazing.

I missed out on the flex tabs but I'm not looking to change up my pattern currently until I get more panels. I just bought the rhythm module and will be waiting impatiently for them to arrive. Haha.

Keep up the great work Nanoleaf!

Amazing, well worth it.

We fell in love with this system when we saw it at ABC Furniture in NYC and I had to have a set. I purchased the starter set and then immediately two more, and now one more. have it installed in the perfect location on the wall...can't wait for the remote and the music visualizer!!!!